Friday, December 02, 2005

The Only Independent Blogger at Queen's.

Welcome to the all new blogspot hosted by 'The Gown', the independent student newspaper at Queen's University. In April of this year (2005), 'The Gown' was 50 years old. This is an important milestone for any newspaper, but perhaps more so for a paper run voluntarily by students, funded entirely by advertising without University or Student Union assistance.

From terrorism to teletubbies, prostitution parties to political protests, 'The Gown' has reported it all, providing a colourful account of life within the University and within Northern Ireland.*

Over the next number of months, articles from the newspaper, which is distributed free to students, will also appear on this website. This will allow us, in a cost effective manner (that is until we can afford a website!), to distribute articles to past 'Gownies' and graduates across the world.

If certain articles spark your interest feel free to add your comments, good or bad. If you would like to submit an opinion or feature piece, or a letter for publication, please send it to the email address below.

*A CD-ROM containing issues of the paper from the past 5 decades was produced for the anniversary, some copies may still be obtained for a small fee. Contact-


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