Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Collusion - old news?

The allegations of collusion arising from Nuala O'Loan's report into the activities of the RUC, Special Branch informers and the UVF have come as "no surprise" to Gerry Adams but have "shocked and disgusted" Secretary of State Peter Hain and others.

The findings have uncovered clear abuses of power within the former RUC and led many to question how and why the activities were allowed to happen. One informant is alleged to have been involved in the murder of 18 people and yet lived on a 'salary' of £80,000 for his services to Special Branch throughout the past two decades.

Hugh Orde, when speaking a few months ago in Queen's was reluctant to acknowledge or condemn the allegations of collusion but was forced to do so when the findings were made public on Monday.

There have subsequently been calls for Ronnie Flanagan, a former Queen's student, to step down from his position as Chief of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary. Flanagan was the Chief Inspector of the RUC for six years meaning he was head of the police during some of the time when the collusion is said to have taken place.

What is your opinion on the report? With a seeming reluctance to prosecute due to time, resources and money, do you think the past should be left in the past or is there a need for the perpetrators to be brought to justice? Perhaps you feel this report simply confirms what many already suspected?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think although there is no doubt special branch made errors it must be acknowleged how many lives they saved and not solely the focus on how many were lost. Although i think the report needed to be done, some were focusing on how not all intelligence about raids was acted upon, surely one must aknowlege it is not viable to act on every piece of intelligence but rate each one on merit

1/25/2007 4:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see any reports on acts of violence by Sinn Fein/IRA.

But once again, no suprises there.

I thought all this was left behind in 1998, yet SF seem adament to see it through.

Allegations of "Collusion" are of no suprise, but then again it was a thirty-year dirty war. Informants were very valuable to the security forces.

I just wonder when a public enquiry will be held into the death of Denis Donaldson.

1/26/2007 5:25 pm  
Anonymous ciarnanhelferty said...

Special Branch made 'errors'??? I do find it strange the manner in which people are able to label the systematic murder of innocents nad collusion with loyalist paramilitaries 'errors'. This 'end justfies means' argument is disgusting: in effect it is saying that it is ok for the state to collunde in the murder of innnocents for 'information' which may or may not have saved anyone. Special branch, in that tiny portion of north Belfast, allowed a mass murderer roam free with their protection not to mention the fact that the in effect funded his activities... No, to be honest it sickens me how the same people who who shouted the loudest 'Sinn Féin-IRA' are now saying 'oh we need to contextualise the period'- Regardless of how they attempt to spin it the state is complcit in the illegal murder of citizens

1/26/2007 5:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No there is no doubt that they made errors but for the sake of trying to make a better government, i do not see the point in raking up wot happened when it was the RUC its in the past, we must learn from past errors in the hope i never happens again. and there is worse murderers of innocents, than the 15 killed by the RUC

1/27/2007 7:38 pm  
Anonymous ciarnanhelferty said...

You claim that we should 'learn from our errors' ... yet also claim that we should not be 'raking up the past'- how do you propose we learn from a past of which we know nothing about? What you have just said is a contradiction in terms. Murder perpetarted by the state or with the assistance of the state is simply murder; Call it 'errors' or 'mistakes' or the 'past'- the fact remains that it happened. These people who colluded with loyalist paramilitaries are the very same who condemed and claimed disgust at similar acts carried out by those who were not on their pay role. The familes of victims, all victims, have a right to know the truth.I don't care how uncomfortable it makes people, or how long it takes, or how much money is needed... If anyone is willing to put a price on the truth and on justice then so be it, but it won't be me. 10 murders uncovered in one small section of north belfast... one can only wonder at how many other innocents lost their lives and how many more loyalist murderers roam free with the blessing and protection of special branch. Any defence of these people is both repugnant and disgusting and whats more is beneath contempt. Those who attempt to justify the actions of these people should think long and hard before they condone murder...

1/29/2007 12:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Collusion, what collusion?

1/29/2007 11:00 am  
Anonymous CiarnánHelferty said...

What Collusion? - i'm sorry but you seem to be a bit of a fool. 'What collusion'- is that suppose to be a joke? It distinctly unfunny. Its strange how all the posts questioning the basis of collusion or refuting O'loans report are all posted by 'anonymous' : you all seem so willing to vouch an opinion and yet are either ashamed or simply don't have the courage to identify yourself. Engage in whatever type of 'apologetics' you so wish, perhaps you may at some point be able to see past the courrupt form of unionism or loyalism or whatever it is you are trying to pollute with you biggoted attitudes. Collusion is now a fact according to 1. the Bristish Prime Minister and his government 2. The Irish Taoiseach and his government 3. Two former chief constables of the RUC 4. The Current chief constable of the PSNI 5. Sinn Féin 6. the SDLP 7. The PUP 7. Sir Ian Blair and the met Police 8. Nuala O'Loan and her office 9. The Conservative party 10. The Liberal Democrats 11. The SNP 12.Plaid Cymru 13.Respect. 14 All the political parties in the South of Ireland... and thsoe who contest the notion of collusion 1. The DUP AND 2. The UUP... I wonder who is correct?

1/29/2007 12:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is all the basis of a 'report'.

The future not the past.

2/17/2007 6:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems it works both ways, on both sides of the border too.


3/09/2007 2:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I See the UDA are getting one Million pound from the British Government to cease violence!..... well i suppose its better than paying them for the murder of innocent civilians!


Who sanctioned Britains Death squads? Time for the Truth!!

3/26/2007 7:26 pm  

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