Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Environmental Committee at Queen's SU

QUB Greens have secured the setup of the first ever Environmental Committee at Queen's Students' Union after submitting a proposal to the SU Council. The University ranked quite highly in People and Planet's 2007 'Green League Table' but co-chair of the Greens Mark McCormick stated that "QUB recycles only 17% of its waste and only 17% of its energy is renewable energy so a lot more needs to be done".

Currently Queen's has a publicly available environmental policy, full time environmental staff, a comprehensive environmental audit and a green travel plan but the Greens feel there is room for improvement. This is especially true in light of the recent revelation that many University staff told the University's environmental officer, Adrian Davis, that they were "only here to teach" rather than take note of green issues.

The main grievance felt however was the lack of a student platform to voice concerns on the issue. During an Environmental Debate as part of the Union's 'Political Activism Week' Martin Doherty of Belfast City Council and Mr Davis pledged their support for the creation of such a committee to ensure students have a say.

Mark is confident the recognition of this committee is the beginning of a greener future for Queen's and will give students a voice while also educating them on environmental issues. "It will make things a lot easier when campaigning for improved environmental performance because this committee will be a legitimate body of the Students Union which will hold the SU Executive to account, on environmental issues, who in turn will then be obliged to hold the University to account."

The Greens, recognised only three months ago themselves, expect real changes to take effect in the New Year as a result of the Committee’s setup.


Anonymous tony harrison said...

fantastic news.
Its about time the SU got involved in some activism.

12/13/2007 5:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A bit more detail on this would be appreciated. How did they set it up? is it recognized by the Union? was it passed by the council or something

12/13/2007 11:54 pm  
Anonymous Jamie McAvoy - 2nd Year Humanities said...

Do these matters not fall under the jurisdiction of the Estates Dept?? But either way Ciarnan (liberal) Helferty and John (Hugs-a-lot) Roger will radiate in their once again usless attempts to save not only the Union but in fact the world with the usual group hugs and now reycling and the switching off of plugs. And who says the exec are usless!!!

12/14/2007 12:25 am  
Anonymous pj said...

while only a mug would question recycling (resources are not infinite) i'm a bit dubious over the whole "let's save the earth" craic. it strikes me as a bit convenient that the issue of "protecting our kids future" is also a) a potentially huge source of income for the wasteful government we currently have and b) a chance for socialists and the likes to further deride and slander the big corporations whom they hate so much

12/14/2007 12:16 pm  
Blogger Barry Magee said...

Congratulations to QUB Greens!!

It is refreshing to see SU political pressure being applied for the common good. Next step- solar panels on top of the SU building, take note Adam, Mark and co.

I am glad to see SRC decision-making being used as a positive, productive and proactive instrument. Makes a nice change from the usual archetypal pointless bickering, dead-end drivel and political and personal envy that encompasses it.

12/14/2007 3:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cant wait for this committee to get elected and get moving!!

12/14/2007 4:27 pm  
Anonymous Green Socialist said...


Your negativity on what is a very productive move is truly despicable.

12/14/2007 6:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the last council meeting and don't remember any talk or debate about an environmental committee. Where has this come from? does anyone know?

12/14/2007 9:32 pm  
Anonymous David Cather said...

Doubtless this committee will be as effective and fearless as the other 20 or so committees of council appointed every year. Though, in fairness Michael, I suppose we can't fault them for trying.

12/15/2007 7:48 pm  
Blogger Michael said...


Could the Gown please remove that comment that is allegedly from me?

The environment committee is one of the most important committees to be set up at Queens and is going to have a huge impact on the university.

12/17/2007 12:04 am  
Anonymous Stephen McShane said...

Could someone from the Young Unionists please confirm that their Treasurer Frank Geddis has resigned?

Where will he go now? DUA? Alliance? Fianna Fail?

12/17/2007 2:25 pm  
Anonymous Queen's Republican said...

What's the Gown's obsession with QUB Greens?????

Could it be because Barry Magee has less than subtitle allegiances with them? (I've seen the exchange of bebo comments). Sort this out.

The Gown is supposed to be politically balanced.

12/17/2007 4:55 pm  
Blogger Michael Bower said...

I'll say it again then...

Could the Gown please delete the post that is claiming to be from me commenting on the Environment Committee.

If fraudulently posting comments as someone else is certain people's idea of how politics works then I actually feel sorry for them.

12/18/2007 2:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Queens republican, it could be because they're actually doing something worthwhile unlike the other parties on the council..

12/18/2007 2:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Queens Republican,

In their short existence the QUB Greens seem to be the most active 'political society' on campus.... Mabye thats why the Gown covers them more than the other parties.

Besides this Blog is covering the story of the new environmental committee... not solely the Greens.

It will be interesting to see this committee up and running and become the 'platform for student environmental concerns.'

12/18/2007 5:16 pm  
Anonymous The Man with the Bow said...

Any confirmation that there has been a split in Queen's Alliance, result in defections to both Fianna Fial and the Socialist?

12/19/2007 8:31 am  
Blogger Barry Magee said...

Point of information for the benefit of ‘queen’s republican’:

I have nothing to do with this blog posting other than, as a QUB student, I commended the introduction of an environmental committee and the QUB Greens for their role in this process.

In regards to my so-called ‘less than subtitle’ (I think you meant ‘subtle’) allegiances with the QUB Greens- I am not, and have never been, a member of the Green Party.

It seems to me that some individuals are simply annoyed only because they perceive the QUB Greens as stealing their precious limelight.

This is yet another example of a decent, honest thread in this blog being destroyed by off-the-point pettiness (and on that point, off the point, I quite enjoyed the less than ‘subtitle’ irony in your posting name) ;-)

12/21/2007 6:04 pm  
Anonymous Yer Woman said...

Queen's republican is obviously one of those sad ogra spin fein SRC members who just goes to the meetings and sits there clueless.

Theyrely on Michal Harkin to feed them info and advice (god help you).

None of them even bothered turning up to the last meeting in December.

I read on one of there members bebos that they want to "stir it up" in the new year with motions of the flying of the irish tricolour 365 days a year from the lanyon building and the singing of the soldiers song before and after every SRC and SU EMC meeting.

Shame on them.

Once again well done to the Greens for this initiative. also a small note of thanks to the other political parties who turned up to support this motion. (Unlike Queens republican)

12/24/2007 7:11 pm  
Anonymous FF said...

Does anyone care about sinn fein @ queens anymore?

The argument over a united ireland has been lost know that 'Big Ian' his marty mcguinness as a poodle.

12/28/2007 8:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it true the the alliance are split with bower facing a challenge for the chair?

12/28/2007 11:11 pm  
Anonymous Aine Hargey said...

Sinn Fein have nothing to offer students at Queen's.

michal has been one of the most incompetant VP Educ. in years.

12/29/2007 5:48 pm  
Anonymous Former QUB Alliance Member said...


That's true.

They have already suffered defections to both FF and the Greens.

I am told one member has written to David Forde over Bower's behaviour.

Anna Lo is trying to calm the situation.

1/01/2008 7:22 pm  
Anonymous Alliance member said...

I heard Shilliday is in the running for chair of queens alliance

1/01/2008 10:35 pm  
Anonymous Boris Yeltson said...

QUB Alliance are all over the place.

Bower is definately for the chop.

Stephen Martin has defected to the UUP.

1/02/2008 1:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christopher Andrews is behind the take over bid.

1/02/2008 1:20 pm  
Anonymous Norman Tebitt said...

Is there any truth to the rumour that there has been a split in the DUA resulting in defections to both the LGBT and the BNP?

1/02/2008 7:09 pm  
Anonymous CU is NOT a political organisation said...

I am told believe that certain QUB alliance member with CU connections is going to run against John Roger?

Eh Ms. Forde?

Nice one in working that Helfarte

1/03/2008 9:01 am  
Anonymous ridicious comments said...

does the solitary person that writes all the above get off on fantasizing about all these non-existent political splits?

1/06/2008 11:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how the 3 largest groups are the ones being attacked

-sinn fein

someone jealous?

1/07/2008 7:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

recyling facilities in the student areas are woeful and neec to be adressed, hopefully this new commitee will be very active in rectifying these problems e.g. organic waste composting, more bryson bins, drive for change in the way students act towards rec yling, etc. very little provision or promotion of bryson bins in holylands 4 example. good that something has been started though! :)

1/08/2008 9:50 pm  
Anonymous Green Union Guy said...


you are correct - recycling facilites are basically non existant.

I seem to remember some of our sabb officers pledging to rectify the situation in their election manifestos....

1/10/2008 8:42 pm  
Anonymous Adam said...

to be fair to the sabbs they're planning a recycling campaign for the first week of the new semester and that, along with the new environmental committee should ensure that their promise will be fulfilled..

1/12/2008 2:44 am  
Anonymous Petrina Doyle said...

Green Union Guy,

Spot on.

While unpaid SU council members make bold initiatives it is sad that PAID sabbatical officers have achieved nothing on this issue.

Perhpas they would like to explain why. (we all know they are trolling this blog).

1/12/2008 6:11 pm  
Anonymous pj said...

barry magee. i think it is fair to say that your alliance with the greens is less than subtle due to the fact that they are one of your few "bebo groups" (along with the corrupt eu, but that debate is for another time).

you, along with the rest of the gown team, do a great job of remaining impartial in almost everything else, but you must admit that your "independent blogger" status is somewhat undermined in this issue.

1/15/2008 3:02 pm  
Anonymous Adam Mc Stoifan said...

Any confirmation that QUB Greens have folded with all the members joining Fianna Fail?

1/19/2008 2:15 am  
Anonymous anked Off Reader said...

"Any confirmation that QUB Greens have folded with all the members joining Fianna Fail?"

Any possibility that John Roger could get one with his job and stop playing petty politics?


1/19/2008 6:33 pm  
Anonymous Bertie Ahern said...

yes, that is indeed true


1/19/2008 9:50 pm  
Anonymous robert humanities said...

is it true that sara mcc has joined sinn fein?

unbelievible i alwys though she was independent

also heard that john rogers is being threatened to stand aside in favor of sara otherwise she will stand against him spliting the vote and gaining victory

1/20/2008 6:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When is Philip Allister going to form a branch of Traditional Unionist Voice at Queens?

Go on - give those duffers in the YUs and DUA a run for their money.

1/29/2008 1:56 am  
Anonymous Moderate Nationalist said...

"When is Philip Allister going to form a branch of Traditional Unionist Voice at Queens?

Go on - give those duffers in the YUs and DUA a run for their money."

Hilarious - and make the DUA look moderate for once??

Sometimes unionism really disgusts me, especially neaderthals like Alastair and others.

1/30/2008 11:27 pm  
Anonymous UUP said...


I can't see them getting many recruits.

1/31/2008 11:52 am  
Anonymous PS said...

I remember 2 years ago when I was on the student council Mr. Alister proposed a motion on the so-called lack or IRA decommissioning.

What a joke.

2/01/2008 4:37 pm  
Anonymous One of the Disgusting Ones said...

Moderate Nationalist said...

Sometimes unionism really disgusts me, especially neaderthals like Alastair and others.

Well I apologise on behalf of Unionists if we don't fit into your vision of what a perfect world would look like.

Maybe if we pretended not to be Unionists that would make us less unpleasent in your eyes, would that be ok?

2/01/2008 5:03 pm  
Anonymous john the homo said...

I hear QUB Greens are running Adam McGibbon for VP Educ.

2/02/2008 11:02 pm  
Anonymous SU Mag said...

Does anyone else think that Ciarnan should shut the hell up???

Stop trying to stir up troubled on the Gown and do some work.

2/03/2008 4:37 pm  
Anonymous nobody said...

"Stop trying to stir up troubled on the Gown and do some work"

stir up troubled? I think you mean trouble - you could almost qualify as an SU mag journalist

2/03/2008 8:06 pm  
Anonymous Ciarnan said...

Sorry - I just can't help it.

It's almost 3 in the morning and i am still wide awake and hyper.

But don't forget to vote for me guys!!!!!

2/04/2008 2:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said su mag!! Ciarnan doesn't know when to shut up and stop bragging about himself. It's going to be an interesting election for President between him and John Roger!!! Sarah McCaffery for president that's what I say. At least she does some work and has something to show for it!! What has Helferty done other than claim to be behind the scrapping of fines in Elms if you get locked out - wow!!!!!

Sarah works hard and definatley doesn't get the recognition she deserves for it!!

McCaffery for President - you've got my vote!!!

2/04/2008 10:48 pm  
Anonymous Nathan said...

I hear Thomas Hogg is running for President.

2/05/2008 12:38 am  
Anonymous nathial said...

i heard sharon simpson is running

2/07/2008 6:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear Philip Alaister is running as his deputy...

2/08/2008 12:00 am  
Anonymous Magherafelt Free P said...

I hear Michal Harkin has joined the DUA and Sharon Simpson is the new Chair of Ogra SF.

2/08/2008 1:48 pm  
Anonymous Gemma McKenna Perhaps said...

Anyone know who the Spin Feiners are running as sabb officers?

2/09/2008 11:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I hear Philip Alaister is running as his deputy..."

Two sectarian bigots...

They would go well together

2/10/2008 7:00 pm  
Anonymous Simons said...

"Anyone know who the Spin Feiners are running as sabb officers?"

Does anyone care??

The days of sinn fein winning elections in the students union are over.

Michal has driven them into the ground this year anyway.

2/10/2008 7:11 pm  
Anonymous LChadwick said...

Adam contributes massively to the Party but got absolutely not mention in that blog.

Bad show.

2/21/2008 11:38 pm  

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