Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Exam Guessing Game

First the exam timetables are late and now the computers are down...this Russell Group University really is making life difficult for its students.

The Student Executive (that's those guys fighting for your rights to party...sorry, we mean study) have launched a campaign, including letters to the VC (top dog at Queen's, Peter Gregson), petitions and even a shout-out involving a megaphone! The Deputy President wanted the VC to hear from his office window that "Queen's is a disgrace".

With reportedley 800 signatures so far, the petition is presumably aimed at resolving the problem for next year's examinations. At this stage (just over a week from the first provisional exam date) students are juggling revision with the cluedo-style game of wondering when exactly the exams are.

The executive have released a stern statement referring to student penalties for failing to meet deadlines, "If the University wants students to abide by their rules, then is it not about time they started to live up to them as well?"
. It is reported other Russell Group Universities released their exam timetables in March.

Queen's was subject to a barrage of petitions earlier this semester when exam results were published later than the date specified online.

To add to this an, albeit technical rather than administrative problem, with the networked computers (ie every single one in any of the Queen's buildings) has prohibited students from logging on and saving work to their hard drives in the past hour this evening. It is unknown at this stage how long the computers will be out of use but a librarian was "hopeful" the problem would be resolved soon.

Let us know your views on the issues.

As of 8th May the computers are up and running again and the timetables have now been made available on QOL. Perhaps Queen's just like to keep us on our toes? Or maybe it was the megaphone that did it!


Anonymous ripping it hi said...

my provisional history exam date got I've Friday, Thursday and the following Monday exams...does anyone else get this when their exams are all really close together? It's hardly fair..

5/09/2008 3:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost as bad as the shenanigans with the computers crashing during the computer science online exams in January, assuming you heard about that.

5/09/2008 4:37 am  
Anonymous Anurag Deb said...

Only 1 more month of John Roger left!!!!


5/26/2008 6:08 pm  
Anonymous Brown Umpa-Lumpa said...


You're pathetic.

You only turned up to the occassional SRC meeting (eventually getting kicked off), you're part of the sectarian Fianna Fail grouping and you have the CHEEK to criticise John Roger??

You really are a joke!

5/26/2008 11:27 pm  
Anonymous Kelly Millar said...

B-U-L aka John-

Everyone has the right t criticise you if they want.

After all it's our fees which are paying your salary.

5/28/2008 3:14 pm  
Anonymous Two Foot Tubby said...


Who the hell do you think you are to be talking like that?

What have you and your Model UN geeks ever done?

5/28/2008 4:52 pm  

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