Saturday, January 07, 2006

Students' talk of withdrawal...

Queen's Students' Union Executive talks of withdrawal from the NUS-USI - - The student movement in Northern Ireland.

What do you think? Do you even know what its function is? Does it have any impact on your life (as a student)?

The Students' Union (as along with other Unions) pay a fee to the body every year of £50,000. With this fee the Union receives membership. Critics argue that the body isn't doing enough for the benefit of the students and viewed by many as a 'talking shop'. 'The Gown' understands that the organsiation is also in some financial difficulty.

The argument for withdrawal (or disaffiliation) is that it would save the Queen's Student body £50,000 a year allowing the money to be re-invested back into the Union. In it's place, it is suggested that a less 'bureaucratic' organsiational structure should be put in place with more emphasis placed on cooperation between the two Universities in Northern Ireland (UU and QUB) whilst regular meetings and cooperation continuing between those Unions in GB and the R.O.I. This would happen with a less of a financial burden.

However 'drink' could stop this, as with membership Student Union bars receive cheaper drinks deals as the Unions work together and buy in bulk spreading savings. Some would also argue that disaffiliation would also hamper the student movement in Northern Ireland.

What are your thoughts?

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