Monday, March 27, 2006

Return of Mr & Miss PTQ

The Gown can exclusively reveal the return of Mr and Miss PTQ. The titles have been awarded to Rachael Stewart and James Leslie.

Rachael is in her first year at Queen's and is reading Sociology and Philosophy, while James is a final year History student.

The first PTQ "cover girl" appeared in 1949 but the title "Miss PTQ" did not emerge until 1956. There has been a Miss PTQ every year since.

During the 1960's and 70's the cover photo's of Miss PTQ were often of scantily clad young women (see example from 1971). With the reassertion of feminism in the late 70's the Miss PTQ photo's became more reserved and, in the interests of gender equality, Mr PTQ joined her in 1987.

PTQ (Pro Tanto Quid) is a magazine produced annually by RAG at Queen's. It was started in 1927, and this year will see its 80th Edition. RAG is currently undergoing a review and has been seemingly absent this year. There is currently no RAG adminstrator, which is a paid sabbatical post normally advertised by the Students' Union. RAG will be operational again next (academic) year but in the mean time Peter Quinn, Deputy President and Graham Barton, Postgraduate Students' Officer have assumed responsibility for the production of PTQ.


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