Monday, May 08, 2006

Nomination's CLOSED

ANOTHER election looms for the student body at Queen's as nominations closed for the six non-sabbactical Executive posts last Wednesday.

As reported by The Gown current cultural affairs officer, Mark Hill failed to return his nomination form on time, missing the deadline by minutes. New information emerged today as a source revealed to The Gown that the candidate had infact only started to fill in his nomination form approximately 5 minutes before the deadline. In speaking to us on Thursday Mark Hill had in fact indicated that he had his form ready in advance but failed to return it on time. He suggested that he was to receive a nomination from a prominent SU figure, who told him to come back on Wednesday. The individual then declined to offer their support on their return. We have not yet received comment from Mr Hill.

However the choice of candidates for Thursday's election looks like the following with 5 of the 6 positions uncontested be it against RON (Re-open Nominations):

Mature Students' officer: Claire Bailey

Cultural Affairs officer: Natalie Simpson

Student Community Action officer: Edward Hanna

Womens officer: Jennifer Hill

International Students' officer: 'Yoong'

Post-graduate Students' officer: Ciara Burnell, Michael Curry and Chris Ogdon.

'Neo', the current International students' officer retires after 2 years in the post; also Graham Steven Barton, PSO is not to contest the election as with his Executive colleague, Sinead McGuinness, Women's officer. Edward Hanna remains the only current officer in their post to run for a second term.

We wish all the candidates well.

Polls will be open 10 am on Thursday 11th May 2006 campus wide.


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