Sunday, January 28, 2007

Box denys 'Ugly Bettys'

Ten years younger - a programme on television providing peple with new clothes, new make-up...oh and a new face, in the hope that they will receive a confidence boost from their new youthful image.

Ugly Betty - a new US series which has just hit our screens, detailing the life of a twenty-something hoping to make it in the fashion industry when, in reality she has been hired by her boss' father with confidence in the fact that he's unlikely to be distracted by her less than glamorous appearance.


The Box - a new nightclub in the Odessey Pavillion which last week allegedly denied entry to two girls without giving any sort of explanation. A caller to a radio show claiming to be a bouncer at the club said they weren't 'smart and sexy' which is apparently the type of clientelle the club wishes to attract. However, the officials at the new establishment refused to comment.

There have been numerous complaints to radio shows since and one daily newspaper interviewed the girls who said they won't be returnng to the nightclub. In trying to find an explanation other than that of complete superficiality one encounters many difficulties. The girls hadn't been drinking, weren't under 18 and neither sported the casual look of trainers and a tracksuit. Sadly therefore, one can't help but arrive at the conclusion that these two girls were indeed refused entry because their appearance did not fit the bill.

Has the idea that 'image is everything' been taken to a new level? Should a club have the right to deny a person entry on their appearance alone?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend wanted to get on the VIP for the box for his birthday, they said we shud come to reception on the nite, and they would see if we were 'suitable for VIP'. this is judging people solely on their looks and is not acceptable yes they should have a dress code but if people meet this why shud they not be let in, however i do not know how anyone wud go about stopping them doing this as it is hard to prove.

1/28/2007 9:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on the Gown team - keep up with the posting.

It wierd this as the Box was strongly advertised on campus with the guy messin about with the loud speaker with his phone and all that littering with leaflets.

Are they not aiming 18-21 yr olds?

1/29/2007 10:57 am  
Anonymous the sparrow said...

If the students' union worked along similar lines there would be a lot of executive officers restricted from the building.

2/07/2007 9:19 am  
Anonymous David Cather said...

We'd never make quorum at council either. Student politics just doesn't attract the beautiful people.

2/07/2007 3:53 pm  
Anonymous a keen eye said...

I disagree David... and I'd imagine Clare Bullock, Jenny Dunn, Jennifer Hill and all the other ladies would take offense at your comments.

2/16/2007 1:24 pm  
Anonymous the horse said...

Why would the ladies take any more offence than the guys at David's comments? His comments don't seemed to be aimed at the female members of Council.

2/16/2007 4:26 pm  
Anonymous David Cather said...

Keen Eye I have no doubt that all the ladies you've just mentioned would easily pass any such test. Might I dare add to your list Sharn Simpson, Julie Henderson and Lucy Fleck. However, that only makes 6 and we need 35 to make quorum.

(If my beaten corpse is found in a ditch in the vicintiy of the Students' Union it will be because any or all of those named above have taken offence, thanks Keen Eye.)

2/16/2007 4:34 pm  

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