Thursday, February 07, 2008

Results Mayhem

We at The Gown have felt the massive delay in the publication of exam results on Queen's Online was in need of investigation. The original deadline stated on the Queen's website was Tuesday 5th February; that has long since passed. In the meantime students have been left to sweat it out a little longer and many are in a state of utter confusion.

A warning was posted on the QOL results page for all students on Wednesday stating that results viewed may not be reliable. Many students were then left in the lurch as to whether the passes or failures they were viewing were their real results.

Technical difficulties have been blamed for the whole affair and, after having been transferred to four separate departments we finally got what sounded like a solid answer from someone in the know. Alan Collins of Information Services and Administration support told The Gown, "There was a system fault, one of the servers crashed and there has been a backlog since then".

Rumours that incorrect results were posted and subsequently removed were not confirmed. A spokesperson for the Records office in the Student Guidance Centre said "There was a problem which was rectified as quickly as possible".

It is hoped every Queen's student will have the correct results by Friday 8th February. Anyone who still has concerns thereafter is advised to contact their school for more information.

If the delay has affected you, have your say here!


Anonymous Abby said...

My results came up and then went again a minute later. Then one came back, then both were gone. Then I got all three and they disappeared too....the end. The reults that went back and forth got me worried that they gave me the wrong ones, luckily, they weren't. Very frustrating.

2/07/2008 3:41 pm  
Anonymous tom said...

wot is harkin doing about this?

2/07/2008 6:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get on to the education officer - Mr Harkin!!

Maybe he could actually do something (I strongly doubt it though!!!)

Ditching Non Sabbs??? Get rid of them all!!

2/07/2008 10:05 pm  
Anonymous QUBSU Maggies Girlly said...

I hear a certain sabb officer has failed all his exams.

2/08/2008 12:08 am  
Anonymous john said...

wots keiran doin about it?

mayb i'll go see the yank at his surgery

2/09/2008 11:31 pm  
Anonymous Basil Brush said...

Who cares about exams results

Run for a sabbatical post and get paid 12K a year for doing sweet F A...

2/09/2008 11:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we have essays in late we lose 5% per day....I think we should get given extra marks for every day Queen's were late in dispatching the results. Fair's fair.


2/10/2008 3:21 am  
Anonymous Don't hold your breath said...

"wot is harkin doing about this?"

Striving for a 32 county socialist irish republic. Obviously.

But he promises we'll get there someday. promise...

2/10/2008 7:05 pm  
Anonymous kerien said...


only if your a waster like most in the su exec

2/10/2008 9:32 pm  

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