Thursday, March 02, 2006

Election's cause 'buzz' on campus

By 'A' Correspondent for 'the Gown'

WE'LL another year, another week of elections; this time for the VP's of Welfare, Education and Club's & Services which are arguably the hardest jobs in the Union.

There is an air of anticipation as queues form at polling stations and canvassers fight over the electorate urging them to vote. Some do it with lollipops, some with sweet chews and others with just a good old fashioned charm!

Voter turnout is set to be high, much higher than last week's Presidential elections leading to some questions over whether this was to do with the candidate's or the weather!

It all comes down to use of 'force' and presence on the ground on election day. Students walk by polling stations being 'heckled' by canvassers whilst saying to themselves: "Just leave me alone!". Most students' don't even know the candidates and probably don't even know who they actually are voting for when they go to the ballot box.

The results, due tomorrow, will be interesting and 'the Gown' will of course keep you up-to-date as the news breaks.

We are interested to hear of your experience at the ballot box, so share a funny story (or even a serious one) by joining the debate online!


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