Thursday, March 30, 2006

Questions to your President - QUBRAG

Questions we have asked your President - 3 days later he has not replied. How many days will the students' at Queen's have to wait?

Why has QUBRAG not been running this year?

Has any attempt been made to get it up and running?

Has the post of QUBRAG officer/co-ordinator been advertised?

Has the RAG issue been discussed at the Executive? What comments were made on this issue?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was the point of the day off last week?

Did anything actually happen?

3/30/2006 2:53 pm  
Anonymous Joe Mangel said...

To be fair Ben has been away since Tuesday, and will not be back for three weeks or so, so a reply may take a while!

3/30/2006 5:06 pm  
Blogger Gown Team said...

These questions have also been passsed to his deputy.

3/30/2006 5:30 pm  
Anonymous The Insider said...

yes these people might be off for three weeks but we must remember that these are democratically elected members of staff who must be answerable to their at all times.

Maybe ben has something to hide, just like he hid the idea that both QUB radio and the gown may not have an area for to set up shop within the new students union.

Trust me these guys have a new plan for rag/ maybe even get rid of it and allow charity organisations to come in and fundraise.
Mark hill was interested in taking this post on but was subsequently ambushed from this idea. Hmmm??
If I was the gown reporter keep knocking at this door and they might produce some funny answers.

3/30/2006 6:50 pm  
Anonymous David Cather said...

Ohhh. Intrigue!

With regards whether or not the Gown and Queens Radio will get offices. I would have assumed that they were going to get an office each. If this is not the case then it's down to the three previous presidents, I would imagine, not the current incumbant. He is merely overseeing work that was planned some years ago. The same can be said for most of the Union restructuring, the decisions were all taken over the past couple of years.

Shall we name and shame the three previous Presidents?

....lets: Mary Durkan, Jonny Hill and Maria McCluskie.

3/31/2006 11:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I was the gown reporter keep knocking at this door and they might produce some funny answers.

Would the insider care to be a little more specific? Your comments are intriguing, but a little too vague.

3/31/2006 12:59 pm  
Anonymous The Insider said...

Yes no problem if you ask the radio station manager he will confirm what I have to say.
The radio station has had no confirmation from either the president nor the general manager where the studio will be for next year. There is also plans to turf the gown out- the independent news paper for the students.

I think its time time the president answers some questions about PTQ, RADIO AND THE GOWN. the president used these promises to gain votes and to dampen down paddys campaign as I am sure if paddy knew this it would have given him an even stronger election run. So Mr ben i think you should come clean and admit you manipulated and lied to get people on your side. he seems to have lost his christian spirit since he became leader of the mirky water called the Students Union.

Also the Gown office- remember students the time the craic turned into the republican weekly for sabbitical officers- yes. and the gown was the only paper to remain independent. yes
I have to admit that Pete has done a good job with the paper he has even titled a hard working DUA member for the hard work he has put in this year- paddy hughes would be bouncing that the republican weekly was featuring established DUP members- but pete has his head screwed on
But what happens when pete leaves/ and we get a DP who has no interest in a newspaper for students. Yes help out gown we got no newspaper.
Wise up Ben whilst the craic is swings and roundabouts the Gown has remained stren for years.

Come clean, bring them in for a talk and sort them all out an office- they have been here longer than you, maybe power has got to your head, rember mate you are disposable if council takes the notion

3/31/2006 4:06 pm  
Blogger Roberto said...

Whats this bouy up to?

What does he do?

4/01/2006 1:43 pm  
Blogger Whoa wee said...


4/03/2006 11:24 am  
Blogger Whoa wee said...

........I’ve heard the notion that internet blogging is nothing but wannabe journalism, but even this site surpasses that view and reaches into the extremities of nothing more than a gossip column, using its distinguished history as a façade, heading into the comments section brings nothing but malign gossip, with the likes of ‘the insider’ verging on the status of some wannabe SU agony aunt, I advise if you haven’t done so already may he/she should input his views into the apparently ‘de facto’ “SU executive surgery” and help bolster low numbers due probably to the homoerotic nature of those posters, what with GSB and big Ed’s photos never mind the man with the ‘big sword’!

Back to the point about Rag Day which was what the thread was meant to be about before it quickly degenerated into gossip, I don’t know what the reasons are but I do know and I believe the President has no bad intentions towards Rag day and considering his absence, did the gown approach anybody else in the Union, I doubt it, and considering the QR political correspondent was able to get a statement from the SU regarding Rag day and Rag in general from the communication officer, it’s on the radio forum!, points that this is nothing than malign propaganda designed to damage bens good character.

4/03/2006 12:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben has a good character?

Women drink and christianity

4/03/2006 2:26 pm  
Blogger Gown Team said...

It's a pity 'whoa wee' has to hide behind a cover name but just to clarify, these question's were sent to a number of people, to include Ben's Deputy - Peter Quinn.

It is to our understanding that these questions were duly received by Mr Preston before he departed for the States.

Fair play to Queen's Radio being successful in getting answers to their questions, but 'The 'Gown' is still awaiting the answers to theirs.

Second to 'whos wee's' claims; 'The Gown' does not take part in propaganda. Its reflects an independent voice of the student and asks the questions some may not want to be asked. 'The Gown' is an impartial publication reflected in its journalism, independent from the Students' Union and University. If we ofcourse (as we've stated before) provably get anything wrong we are happy to correct ourselves.

We are sorry that 'whoa wee' feel's the way he/she does but maybe hes afraid of the truth.

Thirdly, 'The Gown' blog offers newsworthy stories to the interest of students and if anyone has any comments/suggestions please feel free to contact us at:

We offer a comment facility where people can engage in democratic and free debate unlike other University publications. 'The Gown' cannot be held responsible for all comments posted, as is stated in our disclaimer (at the bottom of the page). We do endeavour to remove any offensive material that may appear. If you wish to report something, once again contact us at the address above.

Thank you.

4/03/2006 2:47 pm  
Anonymous David Cather said...

Whoa Wee you really can't make any comment while you hide behind an anoymous name.

4/03/2006 3:08 pm  
Blogger Whoa Wee said...

I don't see why anonymity detracts from my statement or my opinion and I’m slightly confused about me being told off for remaining anonymous, all I know is that I am blogging to the ‘Gown Team’(I presume some sort of collective of ???), more so with David Cather, pure hypocrisy:

"Whoa Wee you really can't make any comment while you hide behind an anonymous name."

You don't feel it necessary to warn others of this 'point of order' and even more so you bath in the banter being spewed by 'the insider', is it possible that the insiders' anonymity is plausible because everyone knows it to be GSB or his other cleverly named alter ego 'the spy'

“It's a pity 'whoa wee' has to hide behind a cover name”

Why is it such a pity, even if I gave my name and you knew who I was, I wouldn't want my character to be attacked.


"The Gown' does not take part in propaganda. It reflects an independent voice of the student and asks the questions some may not want to be asked."

I never criticized your questions, just the way you write your stories, the sole emphasis on Ben, the idiosyncratic nature, just seems more like bullying gossip (badly researched bullying gossip) than a piece of journalism to me, but what would I know…

Speculative points I know, but just how much exactly are you a student paper, in most SU clubs and societies once people graduate they move on out of controlling the club, for instance does the ‘Gown Team’ consist of any students?... wait though your not an SU club, right enough, makes me wonder why your in the SU building though….some historical precedent obviously!

Though fair point if what you (the ‘Gown Team’) say is true, you make money from your own initiative and advertising, fairplay, but if you’re squandering money from the alumni fund, shame!

4/03/2006 7:07 pm  
Anonymous David Cather said...

- The Gown is a student society last time I checked.

- I have critcised anoymous posters on this blog before.

more so with David Cather, pure hypocrisy:

I've never posted anonymously on this blog, and where I've posted anonymously on other Northern Ireland politics related blogs I've used a pseudonym that is recognisable. i.e. everyone knows fine well it's me.

4/04/2006 8:44 am  
Anonymous the truth said...

"David Cather said...

- The Gown is a student society last time I checked"

It is not.

4/06/2006 4:48 am  
Anonymous David Cather said...

Perhaps you are aware of some subtle difference in definations which makes the Gown different from other student societies, I am not aware of any such difference, either way to all intents and purposes the Gown is a student society.

4/06/2006 8:47 am  

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