Friday, May 19, 2006

Vice Chancellor Admits Drink Driving

Professor Gerry McKenna, former vice chancellor of the University of Ulster has pleaded guilty to drink driving.

The former vice chancellor was represented by his solicitor at the hearing this morning, but the magistrate emphasised that Professor McKenna would have to attend the sentencing in person, if he wanted to be considered for a rehabilitation course that would lead to a reduced driving ban. The minimum ban is normally 12 months.

The case relates to an incident, which occurred last July when police stopped the vice chancellor close to his large University residence on the banks of the River Bann.

The incident occurred following claims by colleagues that alcohol impaired the vice chancellor's work and that he bullied members of staff.

The University of Ulster commissioned a report on the vice chancellor's conduct, which concluded that there were grounds for further investigation. Professor McKenna however did not return to his £190,000-a-year job after taking sick leave in December 2004, and he finally resigned in February 2006. The University had to take 52-year-old Mr McKenna to court in order to force him to leave Knocktarna Manor, the luxurious vice chancellor's residence.


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Turned into a monster has he?

5/21/2006 1:58 pm  

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