Monday, October 02, 2006

The Gown 2006/07


Another academic year has commenced and another crop of students have entered Queen’s University to start their courses. As Queen’s changes so does The Gown as last years Editors Andrew and Kyle have moved on to pastures fresh and new (although not too far away as we will be picking their brains from time to time!) and two new Editors have taken over at the helm.

Myself, Niall McCamley, and Aine Fox are the new Editors of The Gown and we will be endeavouring in this coming year to provide an entertaining and insightful independent student newspaper for you, our fellow students.

This is the beginning of an interesting and exciting year for us as brand new Editors but also in the University with many building projects underway like the re-development of the Students’ Union and the new library. This year we will push ourselves to the limit in the pursuit of stories of relevance and interest to you and we hope it will be an enjoyable experience all round.

Thank you and enjoy,

The Gown team.


Anonymous Kyle said...

Hi guys,

I'm sure the year ahead will be a great success.

Good luck!

10/10/2006 4:56 am  
Anonymous undercover agent said...

Hi guys - when will the first issue be out - what are the big stories?

10/11/2006 4:37 pm  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Hope all's well guys.

Keep up the good work!

All the best,


10/12/2006 3:49 pm  
Anonymous David Cather said...

Good luck for the new year, who will get an issue out first yourself's or the Craic??? ;)

10/13/2006 4:32 pm  
Blogger Gown Team said...

Thanks guys!

We are really hoping to have the paper out very late October or, more likely, early November.

Various circumstances have unfortunately conspired to delay our release but we have stories and good material to work with (like Ben Preston on Sky News!) so we are hoping for a moderately decent first attempt at editing The Gown.

Thanks for the support and hopefully you will have the paper in your hands sooner rather then later!

10/21/2006 1:07 pm  
Blogger David said...

Best of luck guys

10/22/2006 9:16 pm  
Anonymous Blah blah blah said...

I've heard rumours (from an 'insider' you could say) that The Gown's office was broken into, all its stuff nicked and last years team have had to get involved again - whats going on?!?

11/05/2006 1:08 pm  
Anonymous claire bailey said...

fuck i hate you all.

scum bags the lot of u.

12/13/2006 1:57 am  

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