Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Song and Dance kicked up at SRCSU...

Last week at a meeting of the Student Representative Council of the Student's Union (SRCSU) the farce that is Northern Ireland politics was played out again by the majority faction of the Council.

The suggestion that an Irish Folk Music Society should be formally recognised by the SRCSU was greeted with a tied vote which speaker, Graham Barton, was left to resolve by casting the decider. The decision to reject the group's application was based on a number of grounds including a supposed undermining of the SRCSU by raising the application at executive level before bringing it before the Council and the suggestion also that there are "too many societies". Funding and resources were cited as being the core issue here.

Of course there were those members of the Council who stated their opposition to the recognition of the society on the basis of supposed sectarian music being played. Certain members of the executive walked out in protest - no reason was stated but all had supported the application for recognition of the Folk Society.

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