Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Election 'mild temperature' grips Queen's

Early indications show a lower turnout to the Sabbatical Elections than last year. At lunchtime today the total number of voters was just over 2000 students. The Online voting system, introduced last year, has increased participation but with a population of nearly 24,000 students at Queen's there is still an underlying apathy.

The circus performers from the 2007 elections returned minus the drum beats, but still succeeded in drawing some extra attention to the polling booths inside.

Again the sense of personality over policy has dominated proceedings. Presidential Candidate, Michael Collins, has praised those who have taken an interest but maintains 'outsiders' will always be at a disadvantage. "It's a popularity contest. It's good to see real issues being talked about but others have hijacked my manifesto issues simply to get votes".

The usual underhand claims and counter-claims have been made as the voting deadline draws to a close. One person canvassing on behalf of another candidate was accused of taking leaflets supporting rival candidates from voters' hands. However no formal complaints have been made and the allegations have been laughed off by those allegedley involved.

The election results are due to be announced in Bar Sub at 6.30 pm this evening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who got elected?

3/05/2008 7:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, but is it any wonder why people are turned off by SU politics?

There is no distinction between any of the candidates policies.

The present sabbatical officers have not fufilled their promises e.g. a refurrendum.

Most of the Sabb. candidates want in for one reason, personal glory.

The SU to date has failed to connect with the student body.

The SU deals with too many interest groups e.g. Green politics and Amnesty International. They have their place no doubt but the majority of students don't care so when the SU pushes forward these narrow interest groups the majority of students don't care.

The canvassers annoy the heck out of students by pressurizing instead of pursuading people to vote. I know it annoyed me and I know it annoys my friends.

3/05/2008 7:28 pm  

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