Tuesday, April 04, 2006

El Presidente Goes State Side

By Frank Talk

It emerged today that the President had in fact received The Gown's questions before he left 'work' last week.

Mr Preston has been on leave for some time and is currently on his way to a Young Leaders Program at Boston College. Perhaps feeling a sense of inadequacy at his own leadership skills, Mr Preston, who has stood for a leadership position twice, will be at the conference until 14 April .

The program will feature academic seminars and meetings to examine how young people in the U.S. acquire leadership skills, are empowered to influence public policy and improve community life. Participants will look at how youth are inspired to become active in public policy issues at local, national, and international levels.

It is not known if any seminars will be held on 'How to deal with the Media', or indeed 'How to reply to emails' but we look forward to a newly empowered and refreshed president returning in a few weeks.

Peter Quinn, Deputy President, is also believed to be half way around the world, but perhaps he would have been better to stay in Belfast and keep Mr Preston's seat warm. After out-polling Mr Preston in the student poll, he may well feel that seat rightfully belongs to him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank Talk must be a British securocrat.

4/04/2006 1:10 pm  
Anonymous David Cather said...

I don't understand why people keep calling this unprofessional. They asked the President some questions, which they also asked the Deputy President. If the President is unable to answer these questions then we have to wonder why. and journalists in the Gown are bound to ask "Why?"

A few answers from Ben would clear the whole thing up :)

4/04/2006 4:56 pm  
Anonymous MATILDA said...

Dave, you don't understand...? Well how about the misguided nature of the 'story'. The person concerned is out of the country and 'Frank' (under the guise of an invisible cloak) lays on the barbs because his/her answers have not been answered....who cares?
'Journalists' and 3 year olds persistently ask 'Why?'
The burning issues of the day?
Bah! What is a student paper for if not engaging with students and informing the debate? Where da hell are the intelligent questions?
It's obvious there is damn all happening in the world of student affairs so you might as well dress something up and call it a story.
Where is the story? Does Gown have a future? What are the credentials for becoming Editor/journalist at Gown? Where and when is it advertised?

4/05/2006 9:43 am  
Anonymous David Cather said...

Matilda the Gown has already responded to the claim that Mr Preston is out of the country. He recieved their questions before he left and would have had time to respond. If he wished to take some time to consider his response he could still have replied whilst out of the country via the wonders of modern electronic communications technology.

RAG is one of the more useful things the Students' Union actually does and if there are problems with it we need to know why. Or perhaps you'd prefer to sit back and let RAG quietly become redundant.

4/05/2006 10:43 am  
Anonymous MATILDA said...

Dave, the Gown inferred that the President had left the country to avoid those penetrating questions that had been asked. The belligerent manner in which the Gown presents itself over an 'issue' is infantile. Rag/PTQ would appear to be in hand at SU as the Gown 'exclusively' revealed 27 March. This ain't journalism! Rather than sit back, I think we need some redundancies at the Gown. How can we sack them? Who are they? Give us photos? Are they students? Students have a right to know! I nominate Keith for sub-editor.

4/05/2006 8:56 pm  
Anonymous David Cather said...

[i]Dave, the Gown inferred that the President had left the country to avoid those penetrating questions that had been asked.[/i]

You must be reading a different site from me.

4/05/2006 9:10 pm  
Anonymous SCA said...

I have put the president through some intense media training whilst in America I am sure he will answer all questions when he gets home- What a great time we are all having out here

4/05/2006 10:55 pm  
Anonymous the truth said...

Cather you are showing your ignorance. RAG is not done by the Union, RAG is run by itself as a society of the University.

4/06/2006 4:52 am  
Anonymous David Cather said...

I am perfectly well aware of how Rag works. My debate with Matilda is over the simple issue of having questions answered.

4/06/2006 8:44 am  
Blogger Gown Team said...

Matilda, I am sure we can find a place for you in The Gown, if you want to be the one asking the questions.

4/06/2006 12:41 pm  

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