Sunday, November 05, 2006

Computer chaos in the Union

The on (and on and on and on...)-going refurbishment to the Union has resulted in a brand spanking new office for The Gown which it is hoped will provide the perfect environment for our journalistic endeavours this year and beyond. Aha but what good is this new office without the centrepiece that is our means of going to print? Yes folks the rumours are partially true - The Gown's top of the range computer has been 'misplaced' by the Union in the chaos that surrounded the movement and 'safe storage' of our office belongings. A thorough investigation is currently underway though so never fear, with the help of the 'grandfathers of the Gown' (you know who you are!) we will make every effort to recover this invaluable piece of equipment. Until then the blog is our outlet and we'll keep you updated with current stories floating about...not least this massive scoop!


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