Monday, March 26, 2007

History Made in Stormont

At last a devolved government appears to be truly possible as the DUP and Sinn Fein staged historic talks today in Stormont. Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams sat side-by-side to announce that devolved government in Northern Ireland should come into being on the 8th of May.

Ian Paisley has said "On Saturday, the DUP executive overwhelmingly endorsed a motion committing our party to support and participate fully in government in May of this year - this is a binding resolution." The devolution was in doubt at one point as previously Monday had been set as the deadline for a power-sharing agreement but the DUP appealed to Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain to extend the deadline by 6 weeks to avoid a potential split in the party. Sinn Fein have agreed to the 6 week extension and Gerry Adams - who wore his Easter Lily to commemorate those who died in the 1916 Rising at the talks - has reacted positively saying "I believe the agreement reached between Sinn Fein and the DUP - including the unequivocal commitment made by their party executive and reiterated today - to the restoration of political institutions on 8 May marks the beginning of a new era of politics on this island."

It appears to be an historic time in Northern Ireland but there will still be those who remain sceptical as to whether power-sharing will be succesful. The Gown would like to know how students feel about devolution and if they believe the politicians of the country can, in the words of Peter Hain, get down to "bread and butter issues" like water charges for instance? Is this a step forward for Northern Ireland or just another token gesture destined to collapse?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Historic Times at stormont is being marked by an historic event at Queens Studets Union. The first Ulster Scots concert to be held their. I here it is to be a big event with a mix of Irish and Scottish music, bagpipes and drums and it has taken I don't know how many years for student to get a free concert at queens.

I am not sure who is exactly is involved in the running of it but I know Edward Hanna (Community Officer) and Graham Barton (Speaker and former Post Grad Officer) are key to the event. its nice to have a bit of culture round the Union without the usual political rubbish attached.
I hope everything goes well for those involved as I am sure a lot of hard work has went in and can I note after wathing all the promises of elections over the years It is great to see sombody keeping their promises and delivering even if it took over a year.

I will be going and I hope as many students will make use of the free night to come out and have a good time

3/26/2007 7:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

without the usual political rubbish attached ????? wasnt the Dup Deputy Mayor encouraging the crowd in shouts of 'No Surrender' at this event?.... hmmm culture?!

3/29/2007 2:10 pm  
Anonymous David Cather said...

She did not say no surrender so that would be the usual political rubbish then.

Perhaps if people had to use their real names on blogs, there would be more factual accuracy in posting.

3/30/2007 8:41 pm  
Anonymous Someone who was there said...

I have to take issue with Anonymous poster above.

There were certainly no 'chants' of 'no surrender'.

3/31/2007 4:10 pm  
Blogger brown-eyes said...

There were certainly no chants of "no Surrender". It was merely a night of entertainment celebrating the history and culture of Ulster Scots in Northern Ireland!

4/01/2007 7:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am informed that there is a DVD being produced of the event so it would be a good idea for people whowenrn't there to get a copy and see what actually happened.

4/01/2007 7:55 pm  
Anonymous york said...

Good to see sinn fein were represented at the event.

4/04/2007 11:58 am  
Anonymous Sammy said...

"Perhaps if people had to use their real names on blogs, there would be more factual accuracy in posting."

Now THAT is rich coming from a DUA member! LOL

4/04/2007 3:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Don't countenance this sinful event by entering into discussion about it.

Such filthy highland dancing. tut tut

4/05/2007 12:15 am  
Anonymous David Cather said...

Less of the cheek Sammy or I'll set Maurice Mills on you ;)

The anonymous post that follows your own only serves to illustrate my point, anonymous posting reduces any sort of proper debate that might happen here to meaningless slur, innuendo and insults. People should have enough confidence in their views to state them publically.

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. John 3 vrs 19-20

4/06/2007 10:38 am  
Anonymous Sammy said...

Spot on David. And even a verse to keep me sweet - not KJV but I can forgive that:)

4/13/2007 8:04 pm  
Anonymous provo-watch said...

Does anyone know who the provos are running in the student elections?

4/24/2007 9:10 pm  

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